Scary Maze

I’m pretty sure all of you already heard about the Scary Maze game. Maybe you even pranked your friends with it. Believe it or not – yesterday was the first time I came across it. A website I visit on regular basis, linked to it – and I did not know that the witch will pop ! I got scared badly. I won’t say I had to change my underwear, but trust me – it was very traumatic. Before playing the game,  I was listening to music, and the volume was at the maximum. So yeah… bad luck. If my speakers were muted – I would not be scared so much… that’s for sure. Good thing my neighbors did not call the police because I was SCREAMING !

maze 1

The original Scary Maze Game is Flash based, but now there are also mobile versions of it. They can be downloaded for free. Prank your friends with the mobile maze game, and don’t forget to record their reaction. On YouTube you can find hundreds of these videos, and some got millions of views. If you can make your video so viral as well, you will make thousends of dollars. YouTube actually pays you for views. Do make sure you friends allow you to post their video, because it can be embarrassing. Today a friend told me that when he played the game years ago, he punched the screen so hard that it broke. I wish someone recorded that on video ! Wow, that would be super funny !!

maze 3

It is amazing that simple games like the Scary Maze Game become so popular and successful. Game studios invest millions and develop games, and in many cases – they don’t take off. And on the other side, games like the scary maze, that take 15 minutes to build – become iconic! That shows you that you don’t have to be a programmer or have a lot of money to create your own successful games.

If you liked playing the scary maze game, check out other scary games online. There are many of them, some are really scary actually. Most of these games are Flash based, so you won’t have to download or install anything. Just find the game, click on it – and that’s it. I will embed the first maze game below so you can try it.