Plimpi Games For Free

There are so many gaming portals online. Sometimes I wonder why people even open new ones, when there are thousends of them already. Well, I guess that as long as new games will come out, new gaming websites will be opened. This time I will tell you about a really good gaming websites I came across – Plimpi. You probably did not hear about it (yet), but I am sure that in the near future – it will be SUPER popular.

plimpi com

So, why is this website so great? because the quality of the games. Check them out now on and see for yourself. You won’t find boring games – at all ! Most of the gaming portals I visited – upload way too much games everyday. They don’t care if the games are good or not. Many times I see really bad and boring games on these websites. That’s why I like Plimpi so much. It really does not matter on which game you click – it will be fun for sure !

Right now there are few hundreds of games on Plimpi. My favorite ones are Moto X3M and Stunt Master. You can also find girls, puzzle and even adventure games on Plimpi. You should visit it daily since the website is updated on regular basis. All the games are free – and you don’t need to install them first. Just choose a game and start playing within seconds.


You can also visit Plimpi from your tablet and enjoy different HTML5 games. They are excellent ! In the future I am pretty sure that Flash games will be gone, so get used to the HTML5 ones :) Flash seems to be a very unsecured framework, so it’s not surprising that more and more games are now made with HTML5. It’s easy, fast and offers so many features.

Comment and let us know which games on Plimpi you liked ! As I mentioned – I like racing and bike games the most, and fortunately there are many of them on Plimpi.