Free Rider Heaven or Hell


Free rider heaven or hell is a very famous riding game created using the Flash platform. There are several websites dedicated to show the various paths for the game. It is quite different from most of the video games. The user is the creator of the game here. The user gets to control what sort of the vehicle they want to drive, the background environment and a ton of other things associated with the game. They can save and upload their creation to share it with the other players of the world. Else, they can simply download a map or a scene created by some other user and play on it.

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Free rider heaven or hell awakes the hidden artist amongst every player. Kids, teenagers and adults enjoy it equally because they get to control the game to a certain extent. Of course, there is no 3-D design or any amazing virtual world with lots of eye gripping graphics and interesting animations. But the very simplicity of the game becomes its plus point making millions of people its greatest fans. The lack of colour in the game is a subject of debate among several gamers. Many feel the specialty of the game will be lost if it is transformed colourfully like any other flash game. However, there are options to colour the background and draw sceneries, if required. The game is like a blank slate. Any person can start their creative journey through the mouse and their mind immediately on this Flash platform.

Free rider heaven or hell is quite interesting to play even for absolutely new gamers. People playing the Mario and other simple have often wondered how it would be whether they are given a chance to set up the background and place the rewards in the place which is easy for them to pick up. This game offers them the chance to do all they like as their mind wish. Users become the creator of the game and the players themselves. And if they are tiered of their own creations there are millions of other user’s maps to choose from and play with. The game does not need any major help or tutorial to master. Even a second grader can make out the instructions shown in the game quite easily. However, there are thousands of forums teaching the users to the cheat codes and secrets for shortcuts in very advanced maps. The game is used even in some physics training classes to teach the pilots and the researchers regarding various concepts.

Free rider heaven or hell is probably the easiest game to search in the Internet. Nearly every gaming site will list one or the other version of this game. There are huge databases built especially for this game with thousands of maps created by various users from all parts of the world. It has been a very famous game for nearly a decade now. It will continue to enthral the youngsters and the adults equally with its fun filled thrilling rides for many more years.