Free rider games

Free rider games – A Boost to your Creativity

Free rider games are a great way to boost your creativity and give life to the artist and game designer inside you. Considered as one of the best riding games ever, all the user a gets to see when they login into the game is a white box. There will be a biker in the middle of it. Moving the mouse to the left and right side, there will be an array of menus looking similar to the paint program in small grids.

The menu gives you an option to choose from a wide variety of vehicles like BMX, car, chopper etc. They give the user a chance to draw lines and curves which serve as a path for the biker to move. This is perhaps the only game which gives a chance for the user to create the game while they play. There are thousands of other facilities to make the game interesting as it goes.

Free rider games allow a chance to place stars and rewards in the path of the bikers. They help in gaining life and energy. The game menu also gives a chance to set up bombs in the tracks which might actually kill the rider. The users literally create the game which is comfortable for them to play and make full use of it. The created games can be saved and shared with the entire world. The menus give a chance to create your own world.

You can draw anything from a police station to a park on the biker’s way. The movement of the biker is controlled by the arrow keys in the keyboard. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts which enable the user to turn direction, take a leap, and perform a stunt, all to collect the stars and power placed on the way. The game is simply mesmerizing to people of all ages. The angle of the camera can be changed in various ways to get a third person view or follow the bikers view.

Both men and women love the free rider games. Women love it because they get a chance to draw simple graffiti and the control they get over the game. Men like to explore the more complex maps drawn by experts and crack the way into really huge tracks without getting blown away. The thrill of playing a game in a literally simple background which looks like a pencil scribbling of a two year old attracts many. These games are much different than the complicated hi-tech video games. Kids love the fact that they are able to create a game which an adult can actually play and the adults love the fact that they can entertain several friends in a similar manner.

Free rider games serve as a stress buster to our daily activities. They do not inculcate any form of violence. There is no bloodshed or weapon usage whatsoever. You need not spend anything to play the game other than your precious time. In short free rider games are the best for both beginner’s level gamers as well as advanced ones.