Free Rider 3

Did you always love extreme biking but were afraid to try it in real life? Did you used to practice stunts with your bike when you were young but only had to be carried down to the emergency with injuries? Were you always dreaming of a career in extreme cycling but ended up with something more fitting for a living?

If you have or ever had a passionate relationship with your bicycle, here’s a game that will work as a practice for you. Free Rider 3 is a game that is just that – a basic and simple game about a stick figure who is trying to make it in the world of extreme bicycle courses.

Free Rider 3 is developed by Kano Games and published by and Kano Games jointly.


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Game Rules

The basic theme of the game is to maneuver the main stick figure of the game through an extreme track of ups and down, spirals and plains, hills and valleys until he safely reaches his destination. Remember that he is just someone who is sitting on a bicycle, and you are the main person who is controlling his moves and speed.


You need to use the arrows of your keyboard to determine the direction and the speed of the bicycle. You can also zoom in and out using the scroll button of the mouse to your preference.

Difficulty and levels

The levels may seem a little difficult to a new player, but with practice – as the player slowly begins to understand the mechanism and the physics involved in the moves – it will become easy to maneuver the bike and adjust the speed of the biker.

Initially, there are 10 levels in the game, each one different than the others in look, difficulty and time. After finishing the first 10, you can access more levels through the game.


Free Rider 3

Additional Options

If you are bored playing the tracks available, or wish for different tracks, there is also room for you to become one of the creators of the game as well as a player. An exciting option in this game is that it gives you the chance of creating and submitting your own tracks to the game – an option that, if it is possible, can be more fun that the actual game.

Age Limit

There is no age limit required to play this game. Any child or adult – if used to maneuvering equipment using a keyboard – can play this game.