Free rider 2 levels

Free rider 2 levels – Easy to create and great to play

Free rider 2 levels are created by the users, just like you and me. The game designers have made creating levels quite easy in the free rider 2 version. All you need is to place stars from the menu in certain places. The riders avoiding the bombs and collecting all the starts successfully will move on to the next level automatically.

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Each level is drawn by the user themselves. They can simply make sure crossing each level is harder than the former one. A user can set up how many ever number of levels they want. Goal setting is made much easier than before. But achieving the goals will be harder than ever. New free rider 2 levels will enable any simpleton to create the most sophisticated games with ease. A little creativity and effort can enable any person to become a game designer quite easily. The new game has most of the features in the Flash embedded in it.

Free rider 2 has already become the favourite for many kids. The youngsters who explore the game come up with new ideas every day. They create and upload a plethora of tracks every day. The cheat codes are used to create amazingly fast vehicles with unique looking riders. Free rider 2 levels are not only easy to create, but pleasing to look too.

Mild graffiti can be added to them differentiating one level from another. No matter how many new games flock the market Free rider 2 has a unique place in the minds of its users owning to its simplicity and ease of use.