Free rider 2 cheats

Free rider 2 cheats – what can you do with them?

Free rider 2 cheats will enable you to do literally anything and everything in the game. Feeding the proper codes and passwords in the game will enable you to fly creeks rather than jump them. Further they give you lots of options to change everything in the game. Cheat codes can be used to explore the various new tracks easily. These codes can be found abundant in many different forums for free. Further the Free rider 2 cheats are available in its databases.

These cheats enable us to chat the way the game is programmed and win over other quite easily. The gamers who produce them upload these cheats in most of the sites while the geek users crack the rest of the codes and spread it among their friends. Web is like a dry forest. Any single spark will set it ablaze within a very short time. Gaming codes uploaded once spread with such amazing speed even much better than viruses. Using certain passwords like in the track loader will enable you to   change the biker into the clown, fire his head and change the pants and do many other works. Here is a short list.

Funny man – changes the biker into clown

Fire – lights the head

Supersonic – increases speed

Fancy pants – changes the pants

Since Free rider is designed for entire fun, there is nothing ethically wrong in using the cheat codes. They simply help us to explore new levels which we otherwise cannot reach with our normal talent. Free rider 2 cheats can be found listed in several websites online.