Free Rider 1

Do you enjoy solving puzzles?  Are you a creative person who likes challenging your friends and family with your own creations?  If so, we may have the perfect game for you.  Free Rider 1 is a fun and enjoyable bike-riding puzzle game.  It requires you to think critically and quickly in order to solve user-generated puzzles, all while controlling a bike.  Best of all, you can even create your own maps.  If you enjoy the prospect of solving challenging puzzles and stumping friends and family members with your own, then this will be the perfect game for you.

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Free Rider 1 is a fun and simple game that requires the player to chase after and collect stars on custom built maps.  In order to collect these stars, however, you need to have flawless control of your bike and understand how to ramp and flip your way to the goals.  Each of the maps in Free Rider 1 are user generated; that means that someone else has created the map you are trying to solve.  This feature is awesome because it allows you to challenge an ever-growing network of puzzles.  Once you get a feel for various track designs and how the game works, you even have the option to create your own tracks!

Track Design:

A major part of the fun of Free Rider 1 is the ability to design your own tracks.  How you build your track is completely up to you.  You can use line segments, curves, hills, and many more track options, but the design is really only limited by your imagination.  When you create a track it is your choice whether you want it to be simple or complex, or even easy or hard.  You can set the location of the star and see how much fun your friends are having while trying to solve it

Free Rider


Up: Accelerate
Down: Brake
Left/Right: Tilt
X: Turn Around

On the left hand side of the screen, you also have the option to change the track view to 3-D or pull up the instructions at any time.


Tips and Tricks:

After playing Free Rider 1, I have developed some tips and tricks that may be useful to new players.  First, it is important to always remember the momentum building potential of the tilt.  If you lean back, you can presumably maintain momentum while going uphill, and the reverse is true when going down.  By remembering to use momentum, you may be able to solve some otherwise “impossible” puzzles.  In addition, when designing tracks, you do not want to make them near impossible.  If you make tracks that are too difficult or seem unsolvable, other players will not enjoy them nearly as much.  It is important to design challenging, but doable tracks.


Age Rating:

Free Rider 1 should be suitable for players of all ages.  However, I would like to note that because of the challenging nature of the game, it is important that parents help their children when starting out.  Therefore, it may be beneficial if parents play the game first or learn the game together with their children.  That way, parents can monitor their children’s online activity, while having fun along the way.