Duck Life for Dummies

Duck life is a cute flash-based browser game, which is very popular among online gamers. The game works on a flash-based engine and can be played on any system. All it requires is a browser equipped with flash player. In this game, the player owns a farm that is destroyed in a tornado. The only hope to re-build the farm is to raise the last surviving duck, in order to race him against other players.

duck life dummies

The game is so easy that even a casual gamer or a person who is new to gaming can play the game without any difficulty. Controls are user-friendly, and players can control their duck by using Arrow keys. Some of the options such as music and sound can be turned on or off anytime as per the user’s preference. Check this site if you want to play Duck Life already.

Below mentioned are some tips for Duck Life game, which will make your gaming efforts more rewarding:

  • Seed: Seed is the Duck food that needs to be fed to them in order to increase their skill points. You can buy two types of seeds in the game; regular or skill seed. Regular Seed can be bought for 1 coin whereas skill seed can be purchased for 10 coins.
  • Skill Sets: Every Duck has 4 different skill sets, which need to be enhanced with training and feeding. These skill sets are Energy, Flying, Running and Swim. Each skill set is vital for the development of your duck. Energy skill improves overall stamina of your duck, flying skill helps in winning races where flying is mandatory, running skill helps in winning running race, and Swim skill helps in swimming races.

duck life dummies 2

  • Race Central: The Race central provides you an option to race your duck in different races ranging from beginners race, amateur race, expert race, and world championship. Each race consists of 4 races where your ducks running, flying, and swimming ability will be put to test. Each race set provides different rewards to the players and they can play world championship if all the other races are complete.
  • Earn Coins: Coins are the game currency that can be used to purchase seeds, duck hats, etc. There are two ways to earn coins i.e. race and training. The easiest way to earn coins is through training as it provides you coins as well as enhances your skill set.

duck 3

So, follow the aforesaid tips and be a pro in the game of Duck Life.