Free Rider 2 Heaven or Hell

Get Ready for the Fiery Ride 

Video games are the only companions for several youngsters in the modern world. There is a special place for bike related or riding created games in the boy’s world forever. There are thousands of simulation games, enabling them to ride a car, truck, train or simulate an aeroplane or set sail a ship. Free rider 2 heaven or hell is a very popular game among the young boys. Basically created as Flash game is, free rider became extensively popular in the past five or six years. The game has several specialities embedded in it which will make any person get addicted to it on the first try.

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Free rider 2  is an updated version of the free rider game already quite famous among the netizens. Users can choose from a wide array of vehicles ranging from BMX bikes to choppers flying on the clouds. There are many different styles of tracks ranging from trail and auto to skate park and downhill. Improved speed, hard to solve maps, advanced vehicles, improved scenery mode everything makes free rider 2 heaven or hell an amazing game.

Be it the steepest curves or the smoothest roads, there are plenty of stars and power ups to collect and improve you on the way. Thousands of maps are available to choose from, starting from a simple city background to the hard to solve downhill or uphill mountain bike ride. The players get ample support from the online forums and chat rooms dedicated for the game. Everyday new challenging maps keep uploading onto the game server. If you are a flash game enthusiast looking for a simple and creative way to kill your time, this game is probably the best one available in the market free of cost. There is no age bar to play this game.

Free rider 2 heaven or hell is voted as one of the top games played by the college students all across the world. You need not have any special equipment or hardware to load the game. Just search it in Google and start playing it using the arrow keys the keyboard. Specialised versions of the game or available to be played in Xbox, PlayStation and other equipments related to gaming. Some of the versions of the game available in Xbox are absolutely amazing that they detect the body motion of the player instead of detecting their finger movements to move across the map.

Free rider was created to present a more sophisticated game than Line Rider. In course of time, Free rider became so famous than the original game line Rider is now known as the predecessor of this game in most of the games databases. Simplicity, a chance to create one’s own environment, easy ways to pass on to next levels and the ability to feel as one with the actual rider everything keeps the game among the top 10 list of the riding games ever invented. If you want to have a thrilling ride on your monitor just try this game once.